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1506 - Summer Solstice Shoot - 21 June 2015

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36 targets, including moving target, shoot-through

Bow Style Age Group Person Total
AFB American Flat Bow Cub boy Joe Purcell, Cub boy, Spirit of Sherwood 426
Gents Stephen Hall, Gents, Phoenix FAC 562
Chris Moon, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 558
Louis Goodwin, Gents, Pride Park Archers 458
John Dawkins, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 438
Robert Hickey, Gents, Pride Park Archers 396
Neil Gibert, Gents, Pines Park 386
Mark Peet, Gents, Paget de Vesey 384
Paul Bishell, Gents, Pride Park Archers 328
Ladies Vanessa Earith, Ladies, Centaura Bowmen 454
Dawn Purcell, Ladies, Spirit of Sherwood 414
Lynn Bishell, Ladies, Pride Park Archers 252
Joan Adams, Ladies, Spirit of Sherwood 124
BB Barebow Cub boy Cameron Caines, Cub boy, South Birmingham Archers 438
Gents Graham Holmes, Gents, Nemesis 614
Dave Holmes, Gents, Pines Park 592
Andrew Burns, Gents, Black Sheep 584
Martin Greenway, Gents, Forest of Arden 544
Adrian Harding, Gents, Black Arrow 542
Norman Dixon, Gents, Castle Field Archers 542
Andrew Martin, Gents, Black Arrow 540
Phil Johnson (PdV), Gents, Paget de Vesey 534
Andrew Horrobin, Gents, Artemis Archers 518
Josh Earith, Gents, Centaura Bowmen 516
Barry Buckley, Gents, Pines Park 504
Mike Schofield, Gents, Black Sheep 482
Adrian Blanchard, Gents, Cobra 456
Mark Brookes, Gents, Cobra 402
Colin Hanson, Gents, Paget de Vesey 382
William Doyle, Gents, Lyme Valley 368
Sam Broughton, Gents, Albion 356
Andy Hubbert, Gents, Black Sheep 290
Alan Cameron, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 288
Brian Nash, Gents, Wasp Archers 274
Junior girl Amy Gardecki, Junior girl, Black Sheep 506
Lucy Hubbert, Junior girl, Black Sheep 464
Ladies Trish Jones, Ladies, Excaliber Archers 594
Nicky McMaster, Ladies, 100 Yard FAC 454
Casey Burns, Ladies, Black Sheep 406
Shelley Malthouse, Ladies, Black Sheep 400
Lynne Harrison, Ladies, Paget de Vesey 382
Harpreet Johal, Ladies, Paget de Vesey 324
Jaqui Brookes, Ladies, Cobra 300
BH Bowhunter Gents Paul Anstee, Gents, Forest of Arden 684
Phil Wells, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 644
Andy Wells, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 618
Phil Nadin, Gents, Wasp Archers 572
Steve Jenkinson, Gents, Wasp Archers 562
Shaun Cutler, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 536
Michael Wells, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 532
Richard Webster Noble, Gents, Wasp Archers 524
Stuart Bradley, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 502
Adie Bradley, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 498
Shane Barratt, Gents, Paget de Vesey 480
Matthew Jennens, Gents, Wasp Archers 464
Victor Thomas, Gents, Independent 450
Junior boy Andeas Anstee, Junior boy, Forest of Arden 516
Junior girl Chloe Nash, Junior girl, Wasp Archers 646
Kiki Sessions, Junior girl, Wasp Archers 418
Ladies Francis Nash, Ladies, Wasp Archers 514
CL Compound Ltd Gents Mick Anderson, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 710
Steven Brown, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 680
Martin Stubbs, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 668
Martin Barratt, Gents, Paget de Vesey 632
Phil Johnson (SVYF), Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 616
Billy Walker, Gents, Lyme Valley 584
Chris Proctor, Gents, Lyme Valley 568
Ladies Jane Hunt, Ladies, Lyme Valley 704
Liz Holmes, Ladies, Nemesis 614
Yazz Proctor, Ladies, Lyme Valley 528
Natasha Walker, Ladies, Lyme Valley 406
FS Freestyle Gents Mike Piela, Gents, Forest of Arden 544
Andrew Boardman, Gents, Forest of Arden 542
Barry Withers, Gents, Independent 402
Ladies Claudette Salter, Ladies, South Birmingham Archers 338
HT Hunting Tackle Cub girl Emily Doyle, Cub girl, Lyme Valley 304
Gents Dan  Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 564
Alan Healy, Gents, Forest of Arden 530
Danny Banks, Gents, Paget de Vesey 496
Graeme Hicklin, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 494
Niel Stewart, Gents, Wyre Hall Archers 492
Alan Taylor, Gents, Forest of Arden 486
Peter Barratt, Gents, Pride Park Archers 476
Dave Sanderson, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 474
Adrian Doyle, Gents, Lyme Valley 470
Graham Woodhouse, Gents, Pride Park Archers 430
Stewart Bigrigg, Gents, Albion 382
Harry Bennett, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 380
Dave Brunning, Gents, Albion 370
Denny Taylforth, Gents, Black Sheep 368
Andrew Galloway, Gents, Pines Park 358
Mark Davis, Gents, Independent 352
Craig Smith, Gents, Paget de Vesey 334
Matt Lewis, Gents, Forest of Arden 280
Garry Thompson, Gents, Albion 266
Dave Haynes, Gents, Pride Park Archers 0
Junior boy Marek Brunning, Junior boy, Albion 290
Ladies Jo  Morgan, Ladies, Forest of Arden 424
Tracy Le-Saux, Ladies, Phoenix FAC 410
Carole Evans, Ladies, Poulterguys Bowmen 370
Breanna Smith, Ladies, Paget de Vesey 368
Julie Maibu, Ladies, Paget de Vesey 352
Jo Warriner, Ladies, Albion 288
Jacqueline Moon, Ladies, Paget de Vesey 258
Anne Moon, Ladies, Robin Hood Lbm 256
Kay Blanchard, Ladies, Cobra 194
LB Longbow Gents Jon Rudge, Gents, Paget de Vesey 540
Neil Beeby, Gents, DW Longbow 520
Ken Adams, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 488
Mark Tarbuck, Gents, DW Longbow 482
Ron Pickering, Gents, Pines Park 448
Keith Harley, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 446
Steve Osbourne, Gents, Pines Park 444
Dave Riley, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 414
Graham Baker, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 404
David Barker, Gents, Black Arrow 390
Grot Davis, Gents, Independent 380
Mel Cargill, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 358
Ladies Sue Fenyn, Ladies, Albion 432
Wendy Young, Ladies, DW Longbow 358
Chris Harley, Ladies, Severn Valley Y. F. 282
Jill Haynes, Ladies, Pride Park Archers 0
PR Primitive Gents Paul Bailey, Gents, Pride Park Archers 510
Pat Morrow, Gents, Pride Park Archers 382
Ladies Judith Cargill, Ladies, South Birmingham Archers 268
UL Compound Unlimited Cub boy Kieran Horrobin, Cub boy, Artemis Archers 216
Gents Martin Pearson, Gents, The Archery Company 812
Jim Metcalfe, Gents, Artemis Archers 782
Tony Hunt, Gents, Lyme Valley 780 22 spots
Tony Weston, Gents, The Archery Company 780 18 spots
John Horrobin, Gents, Artemis Archers 762 16 spots
Mark Hanson, Gents, Black Sheep 762 15 spots
Pug Molloy, Gents, March Hare 752
Barry Charlton, Gents, Forest of Arden 738
Garry McMaster, Gents, 100 Yard FAC 720
Lee Gardecki, Gents, Black Sheep 714
Allen Lawson, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 702
Harry Boyce, Gents, Nemesis 690
Brian Holmes, Gents, Pines Park 660
Alan Paver, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 634
Nick  Yeates, Gents, Black Arrow 618
Ladies Lynne Hanson, Ladies, Black Sheep 730
Karen Carter Pearson, Ladies, The Archery Company 718
Terri Boyce, Ladies, Nemesis 698
Wendy Horrobin, Ladies, Artemis Archers 668
Paula Kimbley, Ladies, Pride Park Archers 632
XB Crossbow Gents Cameron Brindley, Gents, Lyme Valley 744
Cliff Kirkman, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 734
Ken Titley, Gents, Independent 710
Mike Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 664
Kevin Pearson, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 560
Brian Taylor, Gents, Wasp Archers 298