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1609 - Club Shoot - 10 September 2016

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36 targets; Big Game scoring; figure-of-eight course. Pouring with rain. Guest archers from Bowmen of Bosworth.

Bow Style Age Group Person Total 24's
AFB American Flat Bow Gents Tracey Morrow, Gents, LEFA 220
BB Barebow Cub boy Ivan Gerasimenko, Cub boy, LEFA 206
Cub girl Vasilisa Gerasimenko, Cub girl, LEFA 238
Gents Roger Hands, Gents, LEFA 568 3
Paul Shaw, Gents, LEFA 560 4
Nigel Knapp, Gents, LEFA 554 1
Mark Booth, Gents, LEFA 536 3
Nick Kemp, Gents, LEFA 444
Tim Reynolds, Gents, LEFA 414
Malcolm Sims, Gents, LEFA 408 1
Stuart Pattie, Gents, LEFA 398 1
Gavin Payne, Gents, LEFA 376 1
Tony Pearson, Gents, LEFA 354 1
Keith Stokes, Gents, LEFA 350
Colin Brown, Gents, LEFA 302
Stan Duff, Gents, LEFA 300 2
Robin Boulton, Gents, LEFA 284
Andrew Flewitt, Gents, LEFA 150
Junior boy Lewis Shaw, Junior boy, LEFA 408 1
Ladies Julie Moseley, Ladies, LEFA 468 1
Christine Smith, Ladies, LEFA 308
Maria Evdokimova, Ladies, LEFA 244
Dayna Reynolds, Ladies, LEFA 176
HT Hunting Tackle Gents Dave Barwell, Gents, LEFA 350
Robert  Woolard, Gents, LEFA non-comp
Andy Carter, Gents, LEFA non-comp
Ladies Angela Kirk, Ladies, LEFA 402 2
LB Longbow Gents Laurie Chismon, Gents, LEFA 386 1
Martin Stenlake, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 262
Richard Sanders, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 240
John Webster, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 154
Mick Toogood, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth non-comp
Mike Davie, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth non-comp
Colin Pilbrow, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth non-comp
Neil Carter, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth non-comp
Ladies Sue Carter, Ladies, Bowmen of Bosworth 104
UL Compound Unlimited Gents Paul Weddle, Gents, LEFA non-comp
Ladies Claire Weddle, Ladies, LEFA 588
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