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1706 - Club Charity Shoot - 10 June 2017

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Big Game scoring, 36 targets including 1x 'predator & prey' shot.

Charity Shoot:
Shoot fees of £160 donated to charity, in memory of former club members Michael Johnson and Roxanne Billiald, who died of cancer in 1996 and 2007 respectively.
The winners are determined by the handicap system. Trophies are engraved and held for a year. This year's winners are:
Michael Johnson trophy (for Gents): Gavin Payne
Roxanne Memorial trophy (for Ladies): Claire Weddle

General scores are listed below:

Bow Style Age Group Person Total
AFB American Flat Bow Gents Julian Larkworthy, Gents, LEFA 348
BB Barebow Gents Nigel Knapp, Gents, LEFA 572 2 spots
Paul Shaw, Gents, LEFA 538 1 spot
Peter May, Gents, LEFA 522 2 spots
Bob Gray, Gents, LEFA 518 4 spots
Mark Treadwell, Gents, LEFA 468 2 spots
Phil King, Gents, LEFA 424 2 spots
Tim Reynolds, Gents, LEFA 418 1 spot
Tony Pearson, Gents, LEFA 404 1 spot
David Higson, Gents, LEFA 382 2 spots
James Pearson, Gents, LEFA 288
Pete Beddows, Gents, LEFA 276
Ladies Norma Ford, Ladies, LEFA 356 1 spot
Amy Sibley, Ladies, LEFA 354 1 spot
Christine Smith, Ladies, LEFA 348 1 spot
Dayna Reynolds, Ladies, LEFA 174
HT Hunting Tackle Gents Laurie Chismon, Gents, LEFA 284
Bernie Boardman, Gents, LEFA 214 2 spots
LB Longbow Gents Ian Connerton, Gents, LEFA 400 2 spots
James Barrradale, Gents, LEFA 348 1 spot
Pete Asbury, Gents, LEFA 82 Retired
Ladies Lynn Asbury, Ladies, LEFA 142 Retired
UL Compound Unlimited Gents Gavin Payne, Gents, LEFA 764 17 spots
Aaron Kisiel, Gents, LEFA 728 12 spots
Paul Weddle, Gents, LEFA 716 9 spots
John Garrett, Gents, LEFA 708 5 spots
Nigel Smith, Gents, LEFA 662 4 spots
Jack Shaw, Gents, LEFA 604 5 spots
Alun Ford, Gents, LEFA 584 4 spots
Richard Massey, Gents, LEFA 540 1 spot
Ladies Claire Weddle, Ladies, LEFA 664 5 spots
Julie Smith, Ladies, LEFA 610 2 spots


Handicap scores are listed below:

Age Group Details Total
Gents Gavin Payne, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 764
Aaron Kisiel, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 728
Paul Weddle, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 716
John Garrett, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 708
Nigel Knapp, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 687
Nigel Smith, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 662
Paul Shaw, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 646
Peter May, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 627
Bob Gray, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 622
Jack Shaw, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 604
Alun Ford, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 584
Ian Connerton, LEFA, Gents, LB Longbow 571
Mark Treadwell, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 562
Richard Massey, LEFA, Gents, UL Compound Unlimited 540
Phil King, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 509
Tim Reynolds, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 502
James Barrradale, LEFA, Gents, LB Longbow 496
Tony Pearson, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 485
Julian Larkworthy, LEFA, Gents, AFB American Flat Bow 466
David Higson, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 459
Laurie Chismon, LEFA, Gents, HT Hunting Tackle 380
James Pearson, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 346
Pete Beddows, LEFA, Gents, BB Barebow 332
Bernie Boardman, LEFA, Gents, HT Hunting Tackle 286
Pete Asbury, LEFA, Gents, LB Longbow 117
Ladies Claire Weddle, LEFA, Ladies, UL Compound Unlimited 767
Julie Smith, LEFA, Ladies, UL Compound Unlimited 704
Norma Ford, LEFA, Ladies, BB Barebow 571
Amy Sibley, LEFA, Ladies, BB Barebow 568
Christine Smith, LEFA, Ladies, BB Barebow 558
Dayna Reynolds, LEFA, Ladies, BB Barebow 279
Lynn Asbury, LEFA, Ladies, LB Longbow 271
Last Updated on Sunday, 11 June 2017 10:30