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1709 - Club Shoot - 09 September 2017

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Big Game scoring, 36 targets including 1x 'predator & prey' shot. Guest archers from Bowmen of Bosworth

Bow Style Age Group Person Total
BB Barebow Gents Roger Hands, Gents, LEFA 632
Paul Shaw, Gents, LEFA 580
Mark Treadwell, Gents, LEFA 544
Peter May, Gents, LEFA 514
Tim Reynolds, Gents, LEFA 470
Tony Pearson, Gents, LEFA 438
Laurie Chismon, Gents, LEFA 408
Pete Beddows, Gents, LEFA 402
James Hands, Gents, Guest 330
Stan Duff, Gents, LEFA 182 Retired
Ladies Amy Sibley, Ladies, LEFA 462
Christine Smith, Ladies, LEFA 322
Norma Ford, Ladies, LEFA 284
Dayna Reynolds, Ladies, LEFA 202
BH Bowhunter Ladies Julie Moseley, Ladies, LEFA 0 Non-comp
LB Longbow Cub boy Seb Butler, Cub boy, Bowmen of Bosworth 266
Gents Ian Connerton, Gents, LEFA 470
Martin Stenlake, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 310
Mike Davie, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 290
John Webster, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 200
Neil Carter, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 186
Pete Asbury, Gents, LEFA 0 Non-comp
Ladies Mitch Bennet, Ladies, Bowmen of Bosworth 194
Sue Carter, Ladies, Bowmen of Bosworth 176
Lynn Asbury, Ladies, LEFA 140 Retired
UL Compound Unlimited Gents Gavin Payne, Gents, LEFA 728
Nigel Smith, Gents, LEFA 710
Alun Ford, Gents, LEFA 692
John Garrett, Gents, LEFA 682
Paul Weddle, Gents, LEFA 674
Jack Shaw, Gents, LEFA 662
Ladies Claire Weddle, Ladies, LEFA 702

Corrected 12-Sep-2017

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 07:54