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1805 - Spring Open Shoot - 06 May 2018

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36 targets, Big Game scoring, sunny & warm all day. 150 archers from 32 clubs.
The shoot was enjoyed by most, but the event was marred by graffiti on some of the course signage and an instance of repeated target jumping.

Bow Style Age Group Person Total Tie-break
AFB American Flat Bow Gents Andy Betts, Gents, Artemis Archers 534
Siggy Seagrave, Gents, Harlequin 530
Jim Pierce, Gents, Artemis Archers 518
Bob Cole, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 496
Garry Panter, Gents, Wasp Archers 478
Dave Wood, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 460
Christopher Shaw, Gents, Crusader Bowmen 438
Robert Southern, Gents, Princethorpe Foundation 384
Adam White, Gents, Black Swan Archers 270
Ladies Jayne Fletcher, Ladies, Pines Park 438
Mary Hargest, Ladies, Severn Valley Y. F. 424
Mary Jones, Ladies, Independent 312
Jacqui Johnson, Ladies, Centaura Field Bowmen 310
Rachel Kenny, Ladies, Cobra 278
BB Barebow Gents Robin Martin, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 622
Rob West, Gents, Pines Park 600
Graham Holmes, Gents, Nemesis 596
Andy Martin, Gents, Artemis Archers 576
Martyn Nazaruk, Gents, Artemis Archers 574
Martin Greenway, Gents, Independent 534 3 spots
Mark Brookes, Gents, Cobra 534 2 spots
Karl Kamm, Gents, Bowmen of Salcey 450
Terry Hicks, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 446
Brian Nash, Gents, Wasp Archers 428
Junior boy Jake Lambert, Junior boy, Princethorpe Foundation 384
Max Critchley, Junior boy, Princethorpe Foundation 300
Junior girl Freya Mills, Junior girl, Princethorpe Foundation 426
Eleanor Page, Junior girl, Princethorpe Foundation 380
Jessica Hackett, Junior girl, Harlequin 328
Ladies Nicky McMaster, Ladies, Independent 556
Liz Holmes, Ladies, Nemesis 472 2 spots
Maureen West, Ladies, Pines Park 472 1 spot
Ange Lindsay, Ladies, Thornbury F & RA 434
Seraena Thomas, Ladies, Black Country Archers 408 1 spot
Milly Williams, Ladies, Independent 408 1 spot
Jackie Brookes, Ladies, Cobra 404
Hannah Hart, Ladies, Black Swan Archers 166
BH Bowhunter Cub girl Maddi Morrow, Cub girl, Black Swan Archers 542
Gents David Wylde, Gents, Pines Park 610
Simon Thomas, Gents, Black Country Archers 588
Philip Higgins, Gents, Pines Park 576
Mike Williams, Gents, Black Country Archers 520
Stu Bradley, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 514
David Barker, Gents, Artemis Archers 410
Ladies Sam Ellis, Ladies, Harlequin 496
CL Compound Ltd Gents Mike Anderton, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 706
Pete Bullock, Gents, Worcester Woodland 692
Steven Brown, Gents, Independent 666
FS Freestyle Gents Mike Piela, Gents, Forest of Arden 486
Robbie Bannister, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 374
HT Hunting Tackle Gents Chris Moon, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 540
John Hall, Gents, Cobra 524
Lewis Chuck, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 518
Neil Gilbert, Gents, Pines Park 514 2 spots
Chris Rowston, Gents, Thornbury F & RA 514 2 spots
Ron Pickering, Gents, Pines Park 500
Nick White, Gents, Black Arrow 482
Mike Strong, Gents, Black Arrow 462
Garry Thompson, Gents, Albion 452
David Brunning, Gents, Albion 446
George Hampson, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 434
Graeme Hicklin, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 428
Gary BRAMLEY, Gents, Pines Park 402
Miroslav Kornov, Gents, Pines Park 388
Howard Callinan, Gents, Independent 386
Peter BARTOLO, Gents, Pines Park 384
William Lees, Gents, Pines Park 378
Shane Barrett, Gents, Harlequin 364
Alan Taylor, Gents, Forest of Arden 360
Harry Bennett, Gents, Albion 0 Retired
Glen Hampson, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 0 Retired
Junior boy Joe Purcell, Junior boy, Spirit of Sherwood 482
Junior girl Megan Mapping, Junior girl, Pines Park 310
Izzi Morrow, Junior girl, Black Swan Archers 224
Ladies Sue Walker, Ladies, Harlequin 516
Ruth Hanlon, Ladies, Cobra 406
Bev Brown, Ladies, Thornbury F & RA 396
Carole Evans, Ladies, Poulterguys Bowmen 382
Anne Moon, Ladies, Robin Hood Lbm 278
LB Longbow Cub boy Max Smith, Cub boy, Team Firebird 92
Gents Richard Davis, Gents, Kings Norton Trad Archers 540
Keith Raybould, Gents, Independent 522
Gary Cooke, Gents, Harlequin 512
Clifford Davis, Gents, Kings Norton Trad Archers 496
Phil Carter, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 494
Nathan Smith, Gents, Team Firebird 478
Neil Beeby, Gents, DW Longbow 472
Tony Davies, Gents, Clayton Woodsmen 456
Tony Whitehouse, Gents, Pines Park 450
Mark Tarbuck, Gents, DW Longbow 440
John Pendleton, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 434
Ian Bennett, Gents, Paget de Vesey 428
Colin Hanson-New, Gents, Centaura Field Bowmen 426
Jon Rudge, Gents, Paget de Vesey 422 3 spots
Grot (Paul) Davis, Gents, Independent 422
Ken Adams, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 420
Gary Weston, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 412
Andrew Weekes, Gents, Muttley Crew 400
Graham Baker, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 396
Steve Osborne, Gents, Pines Park 386
Junior boy Joe Wooldridge, Junior boy, Independent 0 Non-comp
Ladies Kay-Leona Hodgkinson, Ladies, Artemis Archers 464
Sue Fenyn, Ladies, Albion 420
Wendy Young, Ladies, DW Longbow 370
PV Primitive Gents Phil Johnson, Gents, Centaura Field Bowmen 480
Pat Morrow, Gents, Black Swan Archers 464
Dave Sanderson, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 444
TB Traditional Bowhunter Gents Sam Ward, Gents, Albion 616
Jim Kent, Gents, Forest of Arden 600
Graham Handley, Gents, Independent 584
Mark Brown, Gents, Thornbury F & RA 560
James Turner, Gents, Forest of Arden 538
Chris Jinks, Gents, Independent 532 2 spots
Kurt Kamm, Gents, Bowmen of Salcey 532 1 spot
Hayden Bannister, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 526
Rob Jones, Gents, Independent 492 2 spots
Tony Hart, Gents, Independent 492 2 spots
Steve Tuson, Gents, Bowmen of Salcey 472
Simon Cowans, Gents, Muttley Crew 410
UL Compound Unlimited Gents Lee Gardecki, Gents, Harlequin 772
Allan Lawson, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 760
Joe Ward, Gents, Albion 752
Colin Street, Gents, Independent 742
Pug Molloy, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 736
Wayne Fletcher, Gents, Independent 724
Dan Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 714
Steve Whapplington, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 706
Steve Martin, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 702
Mike Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 682
Chris Smedley, Gents, Independent 668
Roger Ball, Gents, Independent 628
David Whapplington, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 622
Steve Jenkinson, Gents, Wasp Archers 606
Nick Yeates, Gents, Artemis Archers 0 Retired
Niel Stewart, Gents, Harlequin 0 Non-comp
Adam Telling, Gents, Harlequin 0 Non-comp
Junior boy Kieran Horobin, Junior boy, Artemis Archers 686
Harry Smith, Junior boy, Team Firebird 438
Ladies Wendy Horobin, Ladies, Artemis Archers 676
Janet Allen, Ladies, Team Firebird 646
Katie Fletcher, Ladies, Independent 624
Chris Hall, Ladies, Independent 606 5 spots
Dawn Purcell, Ladies, Spirit of Sherwood 606 4 spots
XB Crossbow Gents John Horobin, Gents, Artemis Archers 832
Matt Garner, Gents, Centaura Field Bowmen 772 22 spots
Peter Ball, Gents, Independent 772 20 spots
Mathew Jenens, Gents, Wasp Archers 704
Alan Paver, Gents, Woodend Field Archers 658
Mick Stansfield, Gents, Independent 576
Cliff Kirkman, Gents, Harlequin 0 Non-comp
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