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1806 - Summer Solstice Shoot - 24 June 2018

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40 targets, Big Game scoring, 3x 'predator & prey' shots, max score 1032. Weather sunny & hot. 135 archers from 34 clubs.
Start delayed due to rearranging groups following 11 last-minute cancellations and 8 no-shows.

Bow Style Age Group Person Total Tie-break
AFB American Flat Bow Junior girl Mae Brazier, Junior girl, Severn Valley Y. F. 520
Ladies Clare Akeroyd, Ladies, Muttley Crew 434
Helen Harris, Ladies, Artemis Archers 432
Mikki Hall, Ladies, Kings Lynn Field Archers 418
Mary Jones, Ladies, Independent 360
Rachel Kenny, Ladies, Cobra 292
Lynne Bishell, Ladies, Black Swan Archers 216
Gents Paul Bishell, Gents, Black Swan Archers 638
Jason Peach, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 634
Russell French, Gents, Fleet Ibex 614
Dean Brazier, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 578
Andy Betts, Gents, Artemis Archers 568
Bob Cole, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 536
Jim Pierce, Gents, Artemis Archers 530
Neil Collier, Gents, Independent 520
Tony Parsons, Gents, Briar Rose 518
Garry Panter, Gents, Wasp Archers 490
Jez King, Gents, Independent 480
John Dawkins, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 430
Ben Moore, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 372
Neal Hall, Gents, Kings Lynn Field Archers 368
BB Barebow Cub boy Stephen Moore, Cub boy, South Birmingham Archers 510
Thomas Moore, Cub boy, South Birmingham Archers 506
Rohan Clarke, Cub boy, Cobra 218
Junior girl Jessica Hackett, Junior girl, Harlequin 314
Ladies Nicky McMaster, Ladies, Independent 616
Maureen West, Ladies, Pines Park 518
Seraena Thomas, Ladies, Black Country Archers 460
Vikki Harrison, Ladies, Frankley Bowmen 416
Gents Rob West, Gents, Pines Park 718
Martin Nazurak, Gents, Artemis Archers 678
Steve Parsons, Gents, Briar Rose 648
Surinder Jheeta, Gents, Forest of Arden 572
Martin Greenway, Gents, Independent 568
Mark Jenkins, Gents, Worcester Woodland 560
Jasder Johal, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 528
Frank Hartshorn, Gents, Lyme Valley 512
Maurice Millard, Gents, Independent 496
Steven Brown, Gents, Independent 442
Brian Nash, Gents, Wasp Archers 440
Andrew Clipsom, Gents, Paget de Vesey 430
Malvir Johal, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 418
BH Bowhunter Ladies Sam Ellis, Ladies, Harlequin 596
Gents Andy Wells, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 712
Martin Cane, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 650
Simon Thomas, Gents, Black Country Archers 646
David Barker, Gents, Artemis Archers 474
CL Compound Ltd Gents Pete Bullock, Gents, Worcester Woodland 866
Martin Barratt, Gents, Harlequin 746
Richard Townsend, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 732
Billy Walker, Gents, Lyme Valley 716
FS Freestyle Gents Dylan Hopwood, Gents, Forest of Arden 684
Mike Piela, Gents, Forest of Arden 564
Robbie Bannister, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 490
HT Hunting Tackle Ladies Sue Walker, Ladies, Harlequin 518
Ruth Hanlon, Ladies, Cobra 494
Theresa Smith, Ladies, Pines Park 426
Dawn Donohoe, Ladies, Independent 412
Lesley Macpherson, Ladies, Worcester Woodland 388
Karen Watkins, Ladies, Frankley Bowmen 374
Anne Moon, Ladies, Robin Hood Lbm 338
Julia Baker, Ladies, Independent 330
Lynne Roe, Ladies, Old Delph 298
Junior boy Joe Purcell, Junior boy, Spirit of Sherwood 0 Retired
Gents Paul Baker, Gents, Independent 596
John Hall, Gents, Cobra 590
Simon Clarke, Gents, Cobra 552
Nick White, Gents, Black Arrow 536
Alan Taylor, Gents, Forest of Arden 506
Ian Bennett, Gents, Paget de Vesey 500
Pete Barrett, Gents, Pride Park Archers 496
Bryan Piper, Gents, Fleet Ibex 454
Neil Groeber, Gents, Independent 440
John Cottrell, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 416
Paul Evans, Gents, Paget de Vesey 292
Shaun Cutler, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 0 Retired
LB Longbow Ladies Elenore Cottrell, Ladies, Duvelle Bowmen 506
Sue Fenyn, Ladies, Albion 486
Jan Booth, Ladies, Old Delph 474
Kay-Leona Hodgkinson, Ladies, Artemis Archers 424
Wendy Young, Ladies, DW Longbow 358
Louise Fox, Ladies, Robin Hood Lbm 354
Judith Cargill, Ladies, South Birmingham Archers 238
Gents Ken Adams, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 592
Tony Whitehouse, Gents, Pines Park 564
Mark Tarbuck, Gents, DW Longbow 552
Graham Woodhouse, Gents, Black Swan Archers 544
Clifford Davis, Gents, Kings Norton Trad Archers 526
Nadeem Shabir, Gents, Kings Norton Trad Archers 514 1 spot
Richard Beal, Gents, Cheshire Oak 514 1 spot
Neil Beeby, Gents, DW Longbow 512
Chris Moon, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 504
Pete Evans, Gents, Paget de Vesey 482
Jon Rudge, Gents, Paget de Vesey 474
Dave Wood, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 452
Mark Evans, Gents, Worcester Woodland 446
Dave Riley, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 438
Mel Cargill, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 432
Graham Baker, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 400
Roy Fox, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 368
PV Primitive Gents Paul Bailey, Gents, Albion 572
Paul Thomas, Gents, Black Country Archers 498
Pat Morrow, Gents, Black Swan Archers 486
Andrew Booth, Gents, Old Delph 382
TB Traditional Bowhunter Gents Sam Ward, Gents, Albion 738
David Wylde, Gents, Pines Park 660
Graham Handley, Gents, Independent 632
Hayden Bannister, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 620
Chris Jinks, Gents, Independent 608
Jim Kent, Gents, Forest of Arden 584
Simon Cowans, Gents, Muttley Crew 572
James Turner, Gents, Forest of Arden 544
Dave Hook, Gents, Independent 540
John Anness, Gents, Forest of Arden 492
UL Compound Unlimited Gents Owen Blackmore, Gents, South Wilts 942
Tony Hunt, Gents, Lyme Valley 914
Lee Gardecki, Gents, Harlequin 912
Elizabeth Richley, Gents, South Wilts (honorary Gent) 906
Mick Anderton, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 880
Tim Chatfield, Gents, Audley Parish 872
Joe Ward, Gents, Albion 860
Chris Shaw, Gents, Harlequin 828
Steve Martin, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 806
Trevor North, Gents, Pines Park 794
Leigh Crockett, Gents, Paget de Vesey 758
Garry Bowler, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 746
Stephen Mitchell, Gents, Paget de Vesey 632
Dan Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 0 Retired
XB Crossbow Gents Mike Cobban, Gents, Oakridge Archers 910
Matt Garner, Gents, Centaura Field Bowmen 872
Shane Barratt, Gents, Harlequin 862
Mike Williams, Gents, Cheshire Oak 848
Cliff Kirkman, Gents, Harlequin 834
Richard Cope, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 750
Mike Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 0 Retired

The winners of the trophies for handicap scores were:
Juniors: Mae Brazier, Severn Valley Y. F., AFB American Flat Bow
Ladies: Nicky McMaster, Independent, BB Barebow
Gents: Pete Bullock, Worcester Woodland, CL Compound Ltd

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