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1906 - Summer Solstice Shoot - 23 June 2019

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36 targets, including a 'predator & prey' shot. Big Game scoring, weather bright but humid. 116 archers from 33 clubs. 5 no-shows. Our famous catering was a hit as usual!

The winners of the trophies for handicap scores were:
Ladies: Kay-Leona Hodgkinson, Artemis Archers, Ladies, LB Longbow
Gents: Lee Gregory, Lyme Valley, Gents, HT Hunting Tackle


Bow Style Age Group Person Total Tie-break
AFB American Flat Bow Junior girl Georgia Mae Channer, Junior girl, Independent 212
Ladies Mary Todd, Ladies, Wyre Hall Archers 342
Joy Rudge, Ladies, Robin Hood Lbm 328
Kate Medley, Ladies, Woodend 274
Rachel Kenny, Ladies, Cobra 260
Gents Garry Panter, Gents, Wasp Archers 536
Sean McCormick, Gents, Harlequin 474
Neil Collier, Gents, Independent 464
Jeff Tullin, Gents, Independent 454
Gary Weston, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 328
Andy Betts, Gents, Artemis Archers 0 Retired
BB Barebow Cub boy Joel Smith-Hughes, Cub boy, Severn Valley Y. F. 318
Ladies Nicky McMaster, Ladies, Independent 516
Shelagh Newell, Ladies, Castle Bowmen 512
Seraena Thomas, Ladies, Black Country Archers 510
Liz Holmes, Ladies, Nemesis 462
Corrine Hanson-New, Ladies, Harlequin 456 1 spot
Jan Robinson, Ladies, Centaura Field Bowmen 456 0 spots
Debra Tullin, Ladies, Independent 422
Natalie Borrington, Ladies, Hanson Bowmen 278
Gents Graham Holmes, Gents, Nemesis 604
Roger Hands, Gents, Independent 584 2 spots
Mark Jenkins, Gents, Worcester Woodland Archers 584 1 spot
Richard Aston, Gents, Independent 566 4 spots
John Horobin, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 566 1 spot
Martin Greenway, Gents, Independent 544
Martyn Nazaruk, Gents, Artemis Archers 538
Terry Hicks, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 460
Jamie Hallsworth, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 408
Brian Nash, Gents, Wasp Archers 400
Chris Brown, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 384
Mick Newell, Gents, Castle Bowmen 372
John Ison, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 334
BH Bowhunter Ladies Sam Ellis, Ladies, Harlequin 574
Julie Hands, Ladies, Independent 562
Helen Harris, Ladies, Artemis Archers 556
Gents Luke Ellis, Gents, Independent 616
Trevor Borrington, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 614
Charlie Watters, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 570
CL Compound Ltd Ladies Vikki Harrison, Ladies, Frankley Bowmen 538
Gents Mick Anderton, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 736
Steven Brown, Gents, Independent 644
FS Freestyle Gents Nathan Smith, Gents, Independent 578
HT Hunting Tackle Ladies Ruth Hanlon, Ladies, Cobra 462
Sue Walker, Ladies, Harlequin 452
Vanessa Earith, Ladies, Centaura Field Bowmen 418
Julia Baker, Ladies, Independent 366
Gents Lee Gregory, Gents, Lyme Valley 596
Paul Baker, Gents, Independent 534
John Hall, Gents, Cobra 530
Alan Taylor, Gents, Independent 526
Graham Akeroyd, Gents, Muttley Crew 524 2 spots
Dan Smith, Gents, Lyme Valley 524 1 spot
Nick White, Gents, Black Arrow 510
Simon Thomas, Gents, Black Country Archers 506 4 spots
Mel Mayer, Gents, Clayton Woodsmen 506 3 spots
Luke White, Gents, Black Arrow 488
Lewis Chuck, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 482
Phil Licence, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 478
Paul Thomas, Gents, Black Country Archers 476
Keiron Pittore, Gents, Independent 458
Les Bilbrough, Gents, Wyre Hall Archers 446
Neil Groeber, Gents, Independent 320
LB Longbow Cub boy Max Smith, Cub boy, Independent 368
Ladies Kay-Leona Hodgkinson, Ladies, Artemis Archers 486
Lynn Bishell, Ladies, Black Swan Archers 174
Gents Tony Whitehouse, Gents, Pines Park 468
Jon Rudge, Gents, Independent 462
Ken Adams, Gents, Independent 424
Colin Hanson-New, Gents, Harlequin 420
Neil Borrington, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 396
Mel Cargill, Gents, South Birmingham Archers 364
Mike Piela, Gents, Forest of Arden 358
PV Primitive Ladies Sue Blunsdon, Ladies, Windrush Bowmen 354
Gents Pat Morrow, Gents, Black Swan Archers 428
Mark Peet, Gents, Centaura Field Bowmen 340
TB Traditional Bowhunter Ladies Lynne Harrison, Ladies, Centaura Field Bowmen 556
Wendy Horobin, Ladies, Duvelle Bowmen 506
Karen Watkins, Ladies, Frankley Bowmen 412
Clare Akeroyd, Ladies, Muttley Crew 392
Angelika Kovacic, Ladies, Fleet Ibex 376
Jane Hunt, Ladies, Lyme Valley 340
Jessica Hackett, Ladies, Harlequin 200
Gents Skip McDowell, Gents, Independent 548
Andrew Horobin, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 546
Paul Daley, Gents, Independent 506
Jim Brewerton, Gents, Independent 498
Paul Bishell, Gents, Black Swan Archers 494
Tylaar Haran, Gents, Fleet Ibex 476
Steven Gamble, Gents, Bowmen of Salcey 366
Derrick Reeves, Gents, Independent 306
UL Compound Unlimited Ladies Terri Boyce, Ladies, Nemesis 754
Chloe Nash, Ladies, Wasp Archers 672
Janet Allen, Ladies, Team Firebird 646
Gents Mike Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 824
Tony Hunt, Gents, Lyme Valley 820 24 spots
Dan Melladay, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 820 23 spots
Lee Gardecki, Gents, Harlequin 816
Gary McMaster, Gents, Independent 794
Hayden Bannister, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 782
Harry Boyce, Gents, Nemesis 764
Steve Kernohan, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 736
Robbie Bannister, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 724
Steve Martin, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 718
Steven Vernon, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 716
Steve W. Martin, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 708
Garry Bowler, Gents, Independent 704
Pug Molloy, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 698
Michael Patchett, Gents, Black Sheep 568
XB Crossbow Junior boy Josh Daly, Junior boy, Hanson Bowmen 464
Gents Colin Pearson, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 788
Mike Cobban, Gents, Oakridge Archers 784
Rob Hickey, Gents, Pride Park Archers 760
Ian Blunsdon, Gents, Windrush Bowmen 746
Josh Earith, Gents, Centaura Field Bowmen 742
Cliff Kirkman, Gents, Harlequin 0 Non-comp
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