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1305 - Open Shoot - 05 May 2013

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40 targets, Big Game scoring

Apologies to Under-12s Bryony Soper, Kaylee Sellars and Cammie Ball who were missing from the scoring announcements.

Bow Style Age Group Person Total  
AFB American Flat Bow Gents Paul Meeson, Gents, Artemis Archers 688  
    Steve Hall, Gents, 100 Yard FAC 652  
    Chris Robson, Gents, Wyre Hall Archers 650  
    Nigel Downs, Gents, Salamander 626  
    Andy Betts, Gents, Artemis Archers 596  
    Roly Bee, Gents, 100 Yard FAC 578  
    Clive Moss, Gents, Black Eagle 554  
    Jason Peach, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 496  
    Chris Hodkinson, Gents, Pines Park 488  
    Jim Pierce, Gents, Black Arrow 476  
    Alan Robinson, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 422  
    Les Parnell, Gents, Independent 392  
  Junior boy Sebastian Sabo, Junior boy, Wasp Archers 396  
  Junior girl Emily Smith, Junior girl, Hanson Bowmen 544  
    Kate Meeson, Junior girl, Artemis Archers 462  
    Amy Sellars, Junior girl, Albion 414  
    Bethany Macey, Junior girl, Hanson Bowmen 344  
  Ladies Kim Armitage, Ladies, Independent 542  
    Susan Mulchay, Ladies, Severn Valley Y. F. 510  
    Mandy Smith, Ladies, Hanson Bowmen 440  
    Ally Coley, Ladies, Pride Park Archers 434  
    Phoebe Downs, Ladies, Salamander 392  
    Mary Todd, Ladies, Wyre Hall Archers 372  
    Mandy Parnell, Ladies, Independent 368  
    Moira Hodkinson, Ladies, Pines Park 348  
    Joan Adams, Ladies, Spirit of Sherwood 178  
    Jacqueline Moon, Ladies, Robin Hood Lbm 120  
BB Barebow Gents Steve Parsons, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 742  
    Robin Martin, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 710  
    Graham Holmes, Gents, Nemesis 702  
    Jez King, Gents, Independent 690  
    Jamie Smith, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 672  
    Adrian Morgan, Gents, Pines Park 636  
    Dylan Hopwood, Gents, Forest of Arden 596  
    Andrew Burns, Gents, Black Sheep 582  
    Paul Whitehurst, Gents, Wasp Archers 558  
    Kevin Finnegan, Gents, Independent 534  
    Steve Osborne, Gents, Pines Park 526  
    Norman Dixon, Gents, Castle Field Archers 524  
    Surinder Jheeta, Gents, Forest of Arden 520  
    James  Burke, Gents, 100 Yard FAC 508  
    Len Davis, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 490  
    Jack Kernohan, Gents, Black Country Archers 486  
    Rob West, Gents, Pines Park 484  
    Allan Jones, Gents, Black Sheep 478  
    John Straw, Gents, Artemis Archers 450  
    Andy Boardman, Gents, Forest of Arden 410  
    Dan McNamara, Gents, Shipley Outlaws 378  
    Joel Wilson, Gents, Shipley Outlaws 266  
  Junior boy Ben Straw, Junior boy, Artemis Archers 474  
  Ladies Sharon Jones, Ladies, Severn Valley Y. F. 558  
    Casey Burns, Ladies, Black Sheep 508  
BH Bowhunter Cub boy Cammie Ball, Cub boy, Yorick Bowmen 542  
  Cub girl Laura Haynes, Cub girl, Hanson Bowmen 556  
  Gents Martyn Cotterill, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 752  
    Martin Cane, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 726  
    Matt Hopewell, Gents, Charnwood 690  
    Phil Nadin, Gents, Wasp Archers 678  
    John Blackett, Gents, Charnwood 672  
    Mark Haynes, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 654  
    Jack Coley, Gents, Pride Park Archers 636  
    Steve Jenkinson, Gents, Wasp Archers 620  
    George Hazeldene, Gents, Shipley Outlaws 448  
    Chris Smith, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 430  
  Junior boy Zac Ball, Junior boy, Yorick Bowmen 690  
    Luke Haynes, Junior boy, Hanson Bowmen 632 Corrected
  Ladies Lynn Ball, Ladies, Yorick Bowmen 672  
    Angela Struthers, Ladies, Forest of Arden 656  
    Jill Haynes, Ladies, Pride Park Archers 616  
    Sam Haynes, Ladies, Hanson Bowmen 410  
CL Compound Ltd Gents Scott Ball, Gents, Yorick Bowmen 738  
    Pug Malloy, Gents, March Hare 730  
    Robert Fuller, Gents, Forest of Arden 722  
    Robert Hickey, Gents, Yorick Bowmen 652  
    Mark Phillips, Gents, Forest of Arden 624  
  Ladies Liz Holmes, Ladies, Nemesis 700  
FS Freestyle Gents David Johnson, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 564  
    Derek Hough, Gents, Independent 546  
    Phillip Wilson, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 534  
HT Hunting Tackle Cub girl Bryony Soper, Cub girl, Independent 410  
    Kaylee Sellars, Cub girl, Albion 394  
  Gents Roger Hands, Gents, Paget de Vesey 636  
    Rob Jones, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 630  
    Les Bilbrough, Gents, Wyre Hall Archers 626  
    Craig Kelly, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 582  
    Michael Hanson, Gents, Paget de Vesey 576  
    Richard Dobson, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 570  
    Peter Hulme, Gents, 100 Yard FAC 566  
    Steve Walters, Gents, Albion 554  
    George Hampson, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 532  
    Nigel Bratton, Gents, Independent 530  
    Malcolm Stalley, Gents, March Hare 524  
    James Johnson, Gents, Poulterguys Bowmen 518  
    Roger Whitmore, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 508  
    George Davies, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 494  
    Harry Bennett, Gents, Albion 488  
    David Sabo, Gents, Wasp Archers 486  
    Mick Adkin, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 482  
    Paul Davis, Gents, Conisbrough Castle 466  
    Alan Holland, Gents, Independent 458  
    Alan Sellars, Gents, Albion 400  
    Mel Cargill, Gents, Kings Heath Archers 368  
    Phillip Johnson, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 338  
    David Elliot, Gents, Kings Heath Archers 230  
  Junior boy Thomas Dobson, Junior boy, Spirit of Sherwood 560  
  Junior girl Christine Lange, Junior girl, Hanson Bowmen 500  
    Rhianne Davis, Junior girl, Conisbrough Castle 406  
  Ladies Dawn Donohoe, Ladies, Independent 478  
    Julie Bacon, Ladies, Hanson Bowmen 462  
    Jo Warriner, Ladies, Albion 396  
    Karen Watkins, Ladies, Frankley Bowmen 360  
    Christine Bratton, Ladies, Independent 348  
    Elaine Labrum, Ladies, Forest of Arden 248  
LB Longbow Gents Mark Tarbuck, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 642  
    Ken Adams, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 578  
    Brian Webster, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 564  
    Dave Wood, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 558  
    Dave Harrow, Gents, Albion 536  
    Richard Davis, Gents, Kings Norton Trad Archers 528  
    Phil Licence, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 526  
    Clifford Davis, Gents, Kings Norton Trad Archers 520  
    Martin Camp, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 518  
    Sigy Seagrave, Gents, Independent 506  
    John Rudge, Gents, Paget de Vesey 488  
    Keith Harley, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 488  
    Neil Borrington, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 486  
    Bob Davies, Gents, Black Arrow 474  
    Graham Baker, Gents, Robin Hood Lbm 468  
    Bob Cole, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 466  
    Jon Manners, Gents, Spirit of Sherwood 430  
    Chris Collins, Gents, Independent 400  
    Nigel Beard, Gents, Shipley Outlaws 344  
    Graham Hopkins, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 336  
    Roy Watkins, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 330  
    Arfon Hutchinson, Gents, Frankley Bowmen 318  
    David Ketley, Gents, Independent 210  
    Tom James, Gents, Independent 184  
  Junior boy Aaron Hopewell, Junior boy, Charnwood 550  
  Ladies Kay-Leona Hodgkinson, Ladies, Artemis Archers 512  
    Sue Fenyn, Ladies, Albion 414  
    Chris Harley, Ladies, Severn Valley Y. F. 364  
    Wendy Young, Ladies, Robin Hood Lbm 358  
    Jo Sellars, Ladies, Albion 344  
    Lynn Sabo, Ladies, Wasp Archers 310  
    Kay Jeffs, Ladies, Frankley Bowmen 278  
PR Primitive Gents Norman Lambert, Gents, Oaktree Archers 510  
    Mark Corstin, Gents, Black Eagle 432  
  Ladies Judeth Cargill, Ladies, Kings Heath Archers 212  
UL Compound Unlimited Cub boy Kian Bartlett, Cub boy, Artemis Archers 858  
  Gents Harry Boyce, Gents, Nemesis 876  
    Tibor Lovasz, Gents, 100 Yard FAC 832  
    Wayne Fletcher, Gents, Oaktree Archers 818  
    Mark Hanson, Gents, Black Sheep 800  
    Alan Lawson, Gents, Artemis Archers 798  
    Buck Charlton, Gents, Forest of Arden 790  
    Russell Bartlett, Gents, Artemis Archers 790  
    Steve Kernohan, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 762  
    Roger Ball, Gents, Independent 746  
    Graham Crewdson, Gents, Forest of Arden 624  
  Ladies Terri Boyce, Ladies, Nemesis 808  
    Lynne Hanson, Ladies, Black Sheep 764  
    Paula Kimbley, Ladies, Yorick Bowmen 682  
XB Crossbow Gents Chris Aston, Gents, Independent 854  
    Colin Pearson, Gents, Severn Valley Y. F. 842  
    Charlie Watters, Gents, Hanson Bowmen 838  
    John Bloomfield, Gents, Artemis Archers 836  
    Ron Stone, Gents, Duvelle Bowmen 780  
    Chris Shaw, Gents, Forest of Arden 736  
    John Anness, Gents, Forest of Arden 714  


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