Child Protection Policy


Coaching and teaching junior archers (under 16’s)

A parent or legal guardian may teach or coach their own child on their own.
At all times when juniors are shooting, there must be an adult present. The adult must be an NFAS member.
Parents and legal guardians of juniors must be made aware that minor physical contact may be necessary as part of coaching.
Avoid celebratory hugs with children when they do well.

Tournament Guide

As tournament and event organisers, Long Eaton Field Archers do not accept responsibility for the care of children.
If a parent or guardian books in their child for a LEFA event, they are responsible for their child whether they are shooting together or not.
All LEFA juniors, booked into other events should shoot with another LEFA member or family member.
All persons under the age of 12 will have a parent or nominated guardian with them at all times.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding children or young club members and their treatment contact the Child Protection Officer. - Claire Weddle via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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