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1904 - Club Shoot - 13 April 2019

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36 targets, Big Game scoring. Guest archers from Bowmen of Bosworth

Bow Style Age Group Person Total
AFB American Flat Bow Gents Dave Pedley, Gents, LEFA 448
Ladies Jo Gough, Ladies, LEFA 352
BB Barebow Gents Tony Pearson, Gents, LEFA 416
Ladies Dee Morley, Ladies, LEFA 418
Christine Rowley, Ladies, LEFA 326
HT Hunting Tackle Gents Tracey Morrow, Gents, LEFA 276
Pete Whieldon, Gents, LEFA 0 Retired
LB Longbow Gents Martin Stenlake, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 446
Tony Dyal, Gents, LEFA 400
Tony Haggis, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 322
Mike Davie, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 318
Richard Sanders, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 278
Neil Carter, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 246
Mark Bowley, Gents, Bowmen of Bosworth 242
Ladies Sue Carter, Ladies, Bowmen of Bosworth 194
TB Traditional Bowhunter Gents Paul Shaw, Gents, LEFA 558
Phil King, Gents, LEFA 524
James Barradale, Gents, LEFA 512
Richard Glossop, Gents, LEFA 492
Ady Morley, Gents, LEFA 462
Mark "Monty" Montague, Gents, LEFA 456
Laurie Chismon, Gents, LEFA 436
UL Compound Unlimited Gents John Garrett, Gents, LEFA 718
Alun Ford, Gents, LEFA 680
Paul Weddle, Gents, LEFA 678
Neil Rice, Gents, Guest 664
Jack Shaw, Gents, LEFA 650
Alex White, Gents, LEFA 610
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